Duck Sauce

A+ This, truly, is the king of all sauces.  I feel almost like I’m doing it an injustice by setting aside only one meager review for such a lofty and complex topic.  Indeed, I could fill an entire site with the vast volumes of subtleties, effects, and sheer culinary poetry contained within the single subject […]

Brass Knuckles

B+ Brass knuckles have always fascinated me.  There’s just something about the odd shape and dubious thought process behind seeking to own them that always awakens my interest.  They are technically classified as a deadly weapon, but if the carrier’s intention is indeed the death of his opponent, why not carry a knife or a […]


A- Clearly the coolest of planets, Saturn really has it all: rings, lots of fascinating moons, a  great red spot, and a really cool name.  Next to Saturn the other planets look like a bunch of glorified asteroids. When you think of strange worlds floating in space a mental image of this planet immediately springs […]

Food Courts

C- Food courts are an interesting invention.  A dozen or so crappy eating establishments, all vying for the same small quasi-sanitary space, have a problem: there is simply not enough room for all of these establishments to co-exist as separate entities, and if only one or two of the businesses win out over the rest […]